Second Blog Post

This week I have been focusing on streamlining my scenius and have narrowed it down to two areas of focus.

The first area of focus is my small business, which I put up for sale this weekend. I used Facebook as a tool to message contacts that either own, or have owned, small food businesses for advice.  I also did a lot of research on the internet. After reading several articles, I narrowed it down to a few that best matched my situation.

This link was chocked full of useful information. Not only how to find the value of my business but tips on selling it as well.

This article gave a different formula for finding the value of my business.

Finally, I researched other small restaurants, bars, bakeries, and cafes that were listed on Craigslist. After careful consideration, I arrived at an asking price and the lowest offer I am willing to accept.  Then I listed Good 2 Go Deli on Craigslist. Click here to view!

The second area will be research that I will use for my new job as the assistant to the two primaries at Richard Stevens & Associates. This is a land use consulting firm that, like many of the consulting businesses in our state, have recently seen a large increase in business due to the legalization of marijuana.  My goal is to do as much research as possible on the impact of the new laws regarding zoning, water rights and boundary restrictions since the passing of Measure 91.


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